Boosters reportedly have funds to dump Les Miles; Fisher primary target


Les Miles addressed the rumors swirling about his job status right off the bat in his press conference Monday.

Not surprisingly, he said all of the correct things.

But the latest mess that Les Miles has found himself in Baton Rouge shouldn’t be that surprising.

At least that’s what some of the biggest boosters there are saying.

One of those said Tuesday the plan was put into action after the loss to Alabama, kicked into high gear after the loss to Arkansas.

“Les was told if he lost to Ole Miss by something ridiculous like three touchdows, he was gone at the end of the year,” the booster said Tuesday evening, speaking on the condition he not be named.

“You don’t mean it was said to Miles exactly ‘three touchdowns,’ right?” the booster was asked.

“No, he was told three touchdowns,” the booster said. “Sure didn’t think it would end up like that Saturday. May be some kind of a sign.”

Looking at Miles’ personality from a distance, you could almost wonder if there was something behind that final 38-17 score in Oxford on Saturday. To be fair, and this can’t be stressed enough, no one is even suggesting that.

With all of the talk going on about Miles’ job status, much of it has centered around the fact that the school systems in Louisiana are not in the greatest of financial shape. Some naive talking heads have suggested Miles’ job security lies in that fact alone, considering the buyout of him and his assistants would be somewhere in the $20 million range.

Hardly any of that buyout comes from the school itself. That would be from the boosters.

“There’s already enough in place to pay off Les and get Jimbo (Fisher) out of his deal over in Tallahassee,” the booster said.

Yes, THAT Jimbo.

It’s no big secret that Fisher is the No. 1 target for many LSU boosters. He made a lot of the correct type of friends while in Baton Rouge as the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban and Miles (if nothing else Jimbo certainly learned contrasting styles).

Of course it was a topic at Miles’ press conference Monday.

“Speculation on my job at this point is off-limits,” he said when asked whether he’s met with top LSU athletic department officials about his future. “The information that I have is, do your job as you would do it. That’s something that I took when I took this job 11 years ago. If someone’s asking me if I’m coaching for my job, I think I’ve done that for 11 years.”

Nothing is expected until after the Texas A&M game Saturday night.

Considering it’s LSU, nothing should be surprising.

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