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Top 100 Hogs: Running back Felix Jones

Felix Jones was overshadowed at times during his three years with Arkansas, but was an All-American his last year.

In just about any other era at Arkansas, Felix Jones’ star would be brighter than it is.

He was an All-American kick returner in his final season, but will forever be known as a really good player alongside a great player, Darren McFadden.

While coaches and teammates knew of his value, Jones was overshadowed at times by his good friend McFadden. Jones lined up just about everywhere for the Razorbacks and was adept at catching, running, but really stood out when he was bringing back kickoffs. Jones was part of three running backs that were the best group in school history with McFadden and fullback Peyton Hillis.

He ran for nearly 3,000 yards (2,954), caught passes for 383 yards and had 1,744 yards in kickoff returns for his career and scored 27 touchdowns.

When Bobby Petrino was hired as the new Razorbacks’ coach in December 2007, his first recruiting target was to try and get Jones back for his senior season, but was not successful and the Dallas Cowboys took him in the first round of the 2008 draft (22nd overall).

He played for five seasons in Dallas and was signed by Philadelphia as a free agent in 2013, then traded during training camp to Pittsburgh. He saw limited duty with the Steelers and has not caught on with a team since then.

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